Student Work – MIGHTY MAN by Travoris Steele

This week’s feature piece of work is:



Travoris Steele


It has  been years since the world has seen Mighty Man.  During the time of hurricanes, he appeared to save people from severe weather.  He made a promise to keep his people safe and concealed from anything that was a threat to the environment.

Mighty Man’s legacy started when he survived a hurricane and that is where his powers came from.  It all started in a town called Creep Low, where the biggest hurricanes occurred.  One day, Mighty Man was running on the beach, when all of sudden big waves hit him.  As the water started spinning, Mighty Man was caught in the swells.  Later, he discovered secret powers he had gotten from the hurricane.  He started feeling himself getting stronger, faster, and surprisingly, he could also fly.

Every two years a hurricane occurs. Two years has passed and Creep Low had twenty four hours, before a hurricane hit the town.  The people gathered and started chanting “Mighty Man” so he can save them from the disaster. A little while later, the wind started crying and out of nowhere, came a bright glowing man flying towards the storm.  The people recognized that it was Mighty Man saving all his people like he had promised.



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