Student Work – Justine

Meteorologist/Storm Chaser

By Justin E.


In the year 2028, I am a storm chaser and my job is to follow tornadoes, plus see damages and the images of destruction.  In order to be a storm chaser, I needed to take several classes on the rules of safe driving and the precautions about chasing these storms.  An item I will bring is a camera and take as many photos as possible to show people what it looks like when tress, houses, and buildings are knocked down by severe storms.

Hearing the sound of nothing but wind demolishing the town is satisfying to my ears. Even though I am terrified of tornadoes, it is pretty amazing to see with my own eyes.  As I’m driving, I see lightning as bright as can be.  I hear the thunder roaring really loud and my blood starts to boil out of excitement.  That is because I know my mission is to find and chase this E-5 tornado.  All of a sudden, the rain starts getting heavier and I can feel the truck we’re in, rocking and struggling to stay on the pavement as the strong winds pick up.

My partner and I have walkie talkies and radios to keep in touch with the meteorologists back at the tv station as well as for our safety. The wind is so strong that it’s hard to even talk or hear over the loudness.  All of a sudden, we see blackness everywhere especially in the clouds and that’s when we knew it was about time to take cover.

Next thing we know as we are trying to stay calm. There is flying debris around the vehicle and loud damaging winds.  The tornado keeps going and going.  We’re breathing heavily as sweat is dripping down our faces, A few minutes pass and then suddenly everything stops.

Now we hear nothing. There was nothing in sight but peacefulness and let me tell you, it was the craziest, dreaded feeling, I’ve ever felt in my entire life. We couldn’t even get out of the truck because our shock level went from 0-100 really quick. My partner and I were just staring at each other and our minds went blank.  After we calmed down a little bit and our anxiety went down we stepped out of the truck and walked right in front of it to get a good view of the sky and destruction.  It was so quiet and the sun was shining bright like nothing ever happened. But, the damage was fierce and pretty ravishing at the same time.

We took pictures, called our friends, and co-workers to let them know we were alright and that we needed the police right away.  The police needed to check the homes that were damaged because people might need help if there are trapped in somewhere.  My partner and I start walking to also check and see if help is needed.  In the end, we prayed and were very blessed that we made it through the chaos.  No matter what, I’ll always love my job as a storm chaser.



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