7th & 8th Grade Magnet Program

The Junction City Magnet Program provides students with the opportunity to excel in a unique environment. With an enriched curriculum focused on applicable project-based learning, they will be not only prepared to enter high school but able to complete the academic rigor of high school classes leading to graduation.

With smaller class sizes and longer class periods, Magnet Program students receive more individualized instruction in each of their classes. In addition, the program provides students with intensive, daily intervention instruction in both reading and math. The program’s core curriculum offers the opportunity to develop essential soft skills as students interact with content in hands-on learning that teaches the application of skills in real-world scenarios.

Students also learn about a variety of concepts through interactive modules, which use real-life scenarios to teach concepts in a hands-on environment. Students learn at their own pace and still benefit from the support of teachers.


Students will be selected for this program based on test scores, grades, attendance, and will be required to maintain a B average (3.00 GPA), 95% attendance, and receive no more than two Level-3 referrals.

Learn more about the program and what parents, students, and teachers have to say about it in the short video below:

If you have an incoming 7th or 8th grade student, and you are interested in more information about the program, please click on the application below. Also, you can find a Frequently Asked Questions document below, which addresses things like activities, transportation, and more.

Completed applications can be sent to Jeff Tanner, principal of the H.D. Karns Building at [email protected].