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Choice Academy – Alternative to Suspension Programs

The Middle School and High School Choice Academies are Alternative to Suspension Programs.

The alternative school placement uses a series of interventions to mitigate the number of students who are out of school suspended or expelled and make those consequences less frequent. The mission of Middle School and High School Choice Academies is to modify behavior, increase attendance and promote academic achievement with the goal being improved citizenship and more students graduating. With a support staff consisting of a behavior Interventionist, an Assistant Behavior Interventionist, a Behavior Technologist, as well as a Special Education Support and Social Workers all of whom are singularly focused on helping our students be successful.

Middle School Choice Academy: Designed for students in 6th thru 8th grade who are struggling academically and behaviorally which has interfered with their education and/ or the education of others. Emphasis is on dealing with the barriers that have gotten in their way such as consistent misbehavior, lack of attendance, and knowledge gaps that have been recognized. It is recognized that until behaviors have been modified and/ or attendance has been improved that closing the knowledge gap would be possible.

High School Choice Academy: Designed for students in 9th thru 12th grade who are in danger of not graduating due to a lack of credits, and/ or have become a disruption to the learning environment making learning for themselves and others more difficult if not impossible. There are two avenues we use to help these students. One is to provide a computerized credit recovery program through Edgenuity. This is for those Seniors (and some Juniors) who are severely lacking graduation credits and don’t have enough time to recoup those credits through traditional live taught classes and graduate with their cohort group. Behavior modification, attendance and academic achievement are dealt with in another path in mostly live taught classes to help them learn to regulate their behaviors better, attend school regularly and start filling in the gaps of knowledge that have been created over the years. The goals are to get them to a point where they can return to JCHS and graduate early from Choice Academy with a JCHS diploma.

Choice Academy Teachers